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Fresh, Hot, Delicious Meal Packs Anytime, Anywhere.

Easy Access to Delicious Meal

These Companies Have Experienced Our Delicious Foodservice

These Companies Have Experienced Our Delicious Foodservice

Good food for teams; bring deliciously fresh hot, ready-to-eat meal packs to your employee anytime.

Feed your team the right way with the employee meal pack. Get your employees with packaged meals from our gourmet chef to your workplace.

Buy a Kiosk and Build Your Passive Income!

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Please visit our website or download our app on Apple or the Google Play Store. Click, “get started” to set up your membership
Homechow membership entitles you to receive hot, fresh meals at a self-service near you, at an affordable price. Our meals are prepared by our gourmet chefs in our very own commercial kitchen; and, we don’t use third party services so you can count on quality control. We use specially insulated boxes to keep your food hot and ready to eat.

Homechow currently offers the following cuisines:  American   |    Asian  |   Continental   |   Indian   |   Mediterranean   |   Mexican   |    Pescatarian    |    Soul   |    Vegetarian


Currently, Homechow is open Monday through Friday.


The entry amount is $25,000 for an automated self-service kiosk unit.

Yes, Homechow is working with a host of financing service companies to make it easier for non-operational franchisees looking to purchase their kiosk units.

Homechow, the parent company, places the self-service kiosks in high human traffic areas, such as office lunchrooms, hotels and motels, apartment buildings, hospitals, school and college campuses, convenience stores, etc. Places where human life intersect to provide fresh, hot, ready-to-eat meal packs on the go.

Homechow handles that. The company enters into agreements with high-traffic area locations companies and owners and stations your hot food kiosk units there.

The company has 9-cuisine menus, and at all times, the kiosk has the most bought and requested four cuisines. Anytime from soul food, Asian, American, Italian, and the like. All are freshly made daily and stocked in the kiosk for purchase by customers.

Homechow controls its kitchen in all the areas where kiosks are placed or located to easily stock and restock the meals hourly or daily. The company provides end-to-end service by making the meals, stocking meals, handling servicing on the kiosk, and marketing to drive up customer purchases by making it easier for people to locate the nearest kiosk.
Yes, customers on the app can quickly locate kiosks, search and check available meals before getting to a kiosk, and prepay meals ahead of time and pick them up at any kiosk nearby. And app users also get new offerings and deals daily by using the service for daily meals.

No, there isn’t. It’s a one-time cost to own a Homechow’s non-operational franchising kiosk. You own the kiosk asset, and Homechow manages the kiosk for you by stocking, servicing, and marketing the products.

How do I make money as a franchisee?

You would have the franchisee app dashboard, which always keeps you informed. How many meals are stocked and sold daily at your kiosk? You can transact all your business in one dashboard by moving your passive revenue money from your kiosk wallet to any account you like daily.

Within 9 – 18 months, depending on where the kiosk is located. This is a 100% guaranteed passive revenue model you do not have to ever work at. As a non-operational franchisee, everything else is passive revenue from owning a Homechow kiosk unit.

Fill out the form here: become a franchisee and a sales manager will contact you shortly. You can also call the sales team at 747-243-7278 or email us at and put OWN A KIOSK in the subject line to know more.

Anywhere between $21,000 to $35,000 or more ALL PASSIVE REVENUE per year, depending on the location your kiosk is located.

No. We are only allocating a small number of kiosks to franchisees.

Fill out the form here: I have a space and our representative will contact you shortly. You can also call our team at 747-243-7278 or email us at and put HOST A KIOSK in the subject line to know more.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Listen to what our customers have to say
“Received the food hot, the convenience alone is amazing. Got it in-time for dinner, and I did not have to make dinner for my family. I love the sharing tray and overall packaging. I am using Homechow From now on.”
Kate (Hair-stylist)
Brighton, NY
“I immediately canceled my self-cook meal kit plan when I heard about Homechow. My professionally cooked, hot and delicious meals got to me, without fail.”
Lizzie C (Realtor)
Henrietta, NY
"Homechow ready-to-eat hot meal packs are a huge hit with our team lunches."
Michael (Optimax System Inc)
Rochester, NY

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