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A turnkey food service kiosk business you do not have to operate.
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Homechow is an emerging fresh hot foodservice kiosk franchising business with an opportunity for people passionately looking for passive revenue generating business opportunities.
You can be a Homechow kiosk franchisee partner by owning a Homechow kiosk that provides meals to customers at any of our locations.
Homechow manages the kiosk for you, the first-of-a-kind turn-key foodservice business solution opportunity.


Our non-operational franchising partnership model is designed for people looking to own a food franchise without the stress of the day-to-day management of the business.
You own the kiosk, and Homechow handles all operations and management for you.
The first of its kind passive revenue generating foodservice business model that brings in daily sales revenue for you.


Homechow kiosk partners retain revenue for each meal pack sold. Our kiosks are open 24/7 and are always stocked for customers to easily locate and use our foodservice kiosk, thereby increasing sales for our kiosk partners.

“Good food is meant to be shared”

Buy a kiosk and build your passive income!

Don’t just take our word for it

Listen to what our customers have to say

“The food arrived hot, the convenience alone is amazing. It arrived at dinner time, and I did not have to make dinner for my family. I love the sharing tray and overall packaging. I am using Homechow From now on.”
Kate (Hair-stylist)
Brighton, NY
“I immediately canceled my self-cook meal kit plan when I heard about Homechow. My professionally cooked, hot and delicious meals are delivered to me daily, without fail.”
Lizzie C (Realtor)
Henrietta, NY
"Homechow ready-to-eat hot meal packs are a huge hit with our team lunches."
Michael (Optimax System Inc)
Rochester, NY

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