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Our Mission

Building healthier communities through affordable, quality, and easily accessible
on-the-go ready-to-eat meal packs for everyone.

Bridging the gap of quality, affordability, and accessibility. Hot meal-packs everyone can easily find and enjoy.

Core Value

Everyone eats, and quality, cost, and availability matter the most. We are leading the charge in building communities of customers by offering quality and affordable on-the-go ready-to-eat meal-pack options.
We are in the business of providing quality and affordable on-the-go ready-to-eat meal packs for everyone to easily find and enjoy anytime, anywhere!

Our Story

Our story was borne out of necessity with being on a tight budget during travels and with the knowledge that the only realistic option to finding a good quality meal means having to make it. And with that not being possible, the only options left are to go above budget or eat unhealthy meals throughout the travel period. Not the best of options.

Providing easily accessible and affordable quality ready-to-eat hot meal-pack options anytime, anywhere solves this issue for the on-the-go person.

Meet the team


VP. of Finance

VP. Product

VP. of Foodservice Operations

Executive chef and foodservice

VP. of technology

Digital Marketing & CRM

Customer Service / Logistics

Snr. UI Designer

Software Developer

Software Developer

Hardware Production Manager

“I think this is one of many great things about the company we are building. I genuinely feel like I’m learning so many things from each person on the team. And I think we can authentically say it’s part of the Homechow company culture.”

– Lilah Jain

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