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Homechow launches seed funding campaign for Self-service kiosks

Rochester-based Homechow, a ready-to-eat meal pack food service, today launched a seed funding campaign to help facilitate the introduction of patented self-serve vending kiosks.

Homechow has plans to install kiosks at colleges and universities, hospitals, company lunchrooms, apartment buildings and convenience stores, making their hot, chef-prepared meals available 24/7.

“This is literally going to disrupt the vending machine business,” Homechow founder and CEO Gabriel Ankamafio said.

The company launched its meal delivery service in Rochester last fall and now is growing in scale into the vending sector.

The funding campaign is taking place on and targets investors of all interests, from small to large. The investments will be used to manufacture and distribute the kiosks, Ankamafio said. The kiosks cost $7,000 each and are being manufactured in China, he said.

Homechow’s belief is that consumers want hot, quality meals, not cold sandwiches or heat-and-serve options offered in traditional vending. They also want them quickly.

“When you make a decision on which meal you want, in 45 seconds the meal comes out hot and ready to eat,” Ankamafio said. “It solves the problem of needing a vending machine and a microwave in the same area.”

Meals prepared in the Homechow commercial kitchen in Greece will be delivered to kiosks throughout the region. More kitchens and distribution networks will be created as growth warrants. Kiosk technology provides real time data to the kitchen on which of the four or five vending selections are most popular and when stocking is necessary.

The cost is $10.50 per meal for Homechow members and $12.50 for non-members.

He said Rochester Institute of Technology is looking to install 20 kiosks by the start of the fall semester.

“We have lofty dreams of making it easier for customers to find and enjoy our meals anytime,” Ankamafio said. 653-4020

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